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As Supreme Court Prepares for Friedrichs v. CTA, Public-Sector Workers Advance the Common Good

America’s working families are under attack from big corporate CEOs and wealthy special interests. These anti-worker attacks are designed to protect those at the very top who yield greater influence and profit, while hardworking families scrape by. One such attack is being led by corporate-funded groups at the U.S. Supreme Court. These groups want to take away workers’ ability to speak up together.

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Ikea Workers Seek to Become the First to Unionize at One of the Company's U.S. Stores

Photo courtesy UNI Global Union

Yesterday, workers at the Stoughton Ikea store, in the Boston area, went on strike after the company refused to recognize their attempts to join the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and enter into contract negotiations. Last week, 75% of the workers in the bargaining unit signed a petition affirming their desire to join the union. National Labor Relations Board rules allow the company to voluntarily recognized the union if a majority express support, but Ikea has refused to do so to date, prompting the strike.

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National Apprenticeship Week Story: Organizing Institute Alum and Workers Bring “Cooperative” Back to Food Front Co-op

Food Front Cooperative Grocery workers with Joyce Sinakhone, UFCW organizer and Organizing Institute alum on the right.

Food Front Co-op, a neighborhood grocery store in Portland, Ore., aims to connect the community with producers of regionally grown fresh food. With more than 10,000 member-owners, democratic governance is a stated foundational value of the co-op. For a while, it was a value the workers enjoyed too. 

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SAG-AFTRA: Hiring Skilled, Professional Performers is a Smart Investment

SAG-AFTRA: Hiring Skilled, Professional Performers is a Smart Investment

You see them every time you open your Instagram or Twitter account or click on a video on YouTube: digital ads designed to grab your attention (and sell you a product). They’re also in your Facebook news feed, shared by friends who might write “Must watch—hilarious!” These days, advertisers know consumers are spending more time on their smartphones and computers, so they’re producing some of their most creative, entertaining and sharable work specifically for those platforms. A new wave of digital agencies is among those changing the way we watch ads with innovative work that connects with consumers.

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When You Have to Remind Your Boss That You're a Human, Something Has to Change

Lafondra Brown wasn't a licensed welder, but her boss told her if she didn't finish up a welding job, she would be out of work. So Lafondra finished the project with no safety gear. Hours later, she was in the hospital, her eyes the size of golf balls. 

On top of a dangerous work environment, Lafondra dealt with sexual harassment, assault and racism in her construction job, where she was the only woman.

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